Workplan of KOMUSO project

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WP1 Checklists for evaluating the quality of input data

Description of work

Several projects and papers have already provided substantial contributions on how to evaluate the quality of input data. On the other hand, less effort has been devoted to the question of how to integrate the results of such a quality assessment and how to consistently apply them in a statistical production system.

The use of administrative sources for the production of official statistics varies a lot between both statistical domains and countries. Based on the experiences of the partners within this ESSnet, we will review main types of use of administrative sources in an NSI (e.g. direct use of data for tabulation, use in combination with a survey, use for building a statistical register etc.). The purpose is to investigate what the main challenges in terms of quality measurement are for each type of use of the data. This will provide the necessary information on the statistical processes in order to clearly exhibit the steps where the use of administrative sources could have an impact on quality. The work will be carried out with due reference to GSBPM.

This work package does not aim at a full review of all the possible uses of administrative sources, neither the creation of new methods. Rather it is aiming at an assessment of the typical current practices covering most of the practical applications. If critical gaps are identified, then we will also seek to produce recommendations on what areas should be further developed in subsequent work packages, possibly within this ESSnet. If the consortium considers that further actions are needed, then a clear recommendation will be submitted in the deliverables in order to allow Eurostat to consider the inclusion of additional work on the topic in the next SGAs, i.e. if the recommendations cannot be fitted within the already planned WP2 and WP3 within this ESSnet.


  1. Critical review and testing of existing methodology
  2. Commented repository
  3. Consolidated version of checklist
  4. Identification of possible gaps

Download the Final report of WP1.

WP2 Methodology for the assessment of the quality of frames for social statistics

Description of work

This work aims to produce a guideline that facilitates the measurement and reporting of frame quality for social statistics, rather than a comprehensive academic review of all methodological aspects that could be investigated in the context of frames. This includes both the frame of persons and/or households, and the frame of address that yield access to persons and households. The underpinning methodology for quality measurement, whether identified as existing or developed in this work, will be immediately applicable. In addition, quality measures and associated methodology, which are beyond the scope of this work, will be identified for future possible work.

This work will be carefully aligned with WP3. The two WPs will draw on each other since a frame is ultimately a statistical output based on multiple sources. Both may be subjected to the same kind of errors and challenges, such as linkage error, progressive data due to delays in admin sources, and alignment or delineation of the involved statistical units. The main difference is that in WP2 one is particularly interested in the qualities that are important to a list frame for use in social statistics, including the census frames, whereas in WP3 more emphasis will be given to statistical aggregates.

The deliverables will cover, among others, a review of the existing literature and the current practices in the NSIs regarding the quality assessment of the frames for social statistics; a gap analysis; an action plan detailing the work that needs to be done (based on the gap identification) in order to develop a theoretical framework for assessing the quality of frames for social statistics.


  1. Literature review
  2. Comparative analysis
  3. Gap analysis
  4. Proposal of quality measures
  5. Development and test

Download WP 2 final report.

WP3 Framework for the quality evaluation of statistical output based on multiple sources

WP 3 focuses on producing relevant measures for the quality of the output. The planned work will, therefore, go further than measuring the quality in each process step. The aim of WP 3 is to produce a set of measures of quality of the final output which incorporate the impact of all steps based on a source of error framework and coherent with GSBPM. This is in line with the ideas described by Agafiţei et al. (2015).

Given the high relevance for the NSIs of input and process oriented quality measures in order to monitor and improve their production process some work on this area may be included.


  1. Critical review
  2. Suitability tests
  3. Action plan

Download WP3 final report.

WP4 Communication, dissemination and implementation


Communication activity is a key area in the work of ESSnet quality of multisource statistics. Checklists for the evaluation of the quality of input data will be made accessible for and discussed by a wider audience. Apart from the “traditional” ways of communication of ESSnet deliverables, special attention will be given to the communication of the Framework for the quality evaluation of statistical output based on multiple sources and to the clear presentation of the information on the topic of ESSnet quality of multisource statistics as a whole.

Description of work

For communication, the most critical issue is to involve all stakeholders in the work of the ESSnet. In order to involve these stakeholders, an efficient and reasonable communication plan has to be set up. This communication plan will be elaborated by the partners and will contain a detailed work schedule for this first SGA of the ESSnet quality of multisource statistics. This communication plan will be one of the first deliverables of this Work Package.

The CROSS portal website will be kept up-to-date all the time, ensuring that visitors will always get the updated information on the current state of the art and the expected deliverables of the ESSnet. All stakeholders will be invited to visit the website and will be encouraged to give feedback for the work through various channels.

A workshop will be organised by HCSO in April 2016 in Budapest to present and share knowledge and experiences about the quality aspects when using administrative sources in statistical production. The workshop will give an important input for the work of the ESSnet. Eurostat will be consulted on the topics of the workshop. Invitation letters to the workshop will be sent to NSIs in January 2016, just after the signature of the SGA. The Agenda will be sent to potential participants and will be uploaded to CROSS portal no later than March 2016.  The results of the workshop will be disseminated on the CROSS portal.