WP1 Webscraping job vacancies

WP1 Webscraping job vacancies

Workpackage 1 (WP1) of ESSnet Big Data focuses on webscraping of job vacancies.

The aim of this pilot is to demonstrate by concrete estimates which approaches (techniques, methodology etc.) are most suitable to produce statistical estimates in the domain of job vacancies and under which conditions these approaches can be used in the ESS. The intention is to explore a mix of sources including job portals, job adverts on enterprise websites, and job vacancy data from third party sources.

WP1 was carried out by representatives of six ESSnet Big Data partners in the first project stage (SGA-1): ONS (Statistics UK) which is leading WP1, and DESTATIS (Statistics Germany), ELSTAT (Statistics Greece), ISTAT (Statistics Italy), SCB (Statistics Sweden) and SURS (Statistics Slovenia). In the second stage (SGA-2), their total number increased to ten by the addition of four more partners: Statistics Belgium, Statistics Denmark, INSEE (Statistics France) and INE (Statistics Portugal).

More background information on WP1 can be found here.



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