WP4 - Communication, dissemination and implementation


Work Package 4: Communication, dissemination and implementation

Communication activity is a key area in the work of ESSnet on quality of multisource statistics (KOMUSO). Special attention has been given to the involvement of non-participating NSIs and other stakeholders. Results of the ESSnet have been presented in several fora and disseminated here on the CROS portal. Stakeholders were invited to visit the website and were encouraged to give feedback on the work.

A workshop was organised by HCSO in April 2016 in Budapest to present and share knowledge and experiences about the quality aspects when using administrative sources in statistical production. The whole ESS.VIP Admin project was presented to the participants. First results and plans for ESSnet KOMUSO were presented and discussed, structured questions on statistical use of administrative data and its quality aspects were discussed in small groups. Results of other grants on (f. ex. Grants on "Improvement of the use of administrative sources (ESS.VIP ADMIN WP6 Pilot studies and applications", grants on "Use of administrative data sources, especially the IACS information to produce agricultural statistics" etc.)." were also presented and discussed in the workshop. Presentations and handouts are available from here.

The ESSNet KOMUSO informed the relevant ESS groups on its results. The following groups were informed:

We contacted the members of Data Integration Project (UNECE) and informed each other on the work carried out in these projects.

Results of the ESSNet KOMUSO were presented on several conferences. The table below lists the conferences we participated in with presentation.



Title of presentation


Q2016, Madrid

31 May – 3 June 2016

Evaluating the quality of administrative data as input for official statistics


Regin Reinert, Peter Tibert Stoltze, Statistics Denmark

Presentation / Paper

ESS Big Data Workshop, Ljubljana

13-14. October, 2016

KOMUSO – Information for the Big Data society in official statistics

Peter Stoltze, Statistics Denmark


CESS 2016, Budapest

20–21 October 2016

ESSnet on quality of multisource statistics

Ildikó Szűcs, Hungarian Central Statistical Office


NTTS 2017, Brussels

14-16 March 2017

Quality measures of frames for social statistics arising from multiple sources

Li-Chun Zhang Statistics Norway | University of Southampton



NTTS 2017, Brussels

14-16 March 2017

Output Quality of Multisource Statistics


Ton de Waal (Statistics Netherlands,| Tilburg University), Arnout van Delden (Statistics Netherlands), Sander Scholtus (Statistics Netherlands)

Presentation / Abstract



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