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Written DIME/ITDG consultation on the proposal for the extension of the European Statistical Programme (08/2015)

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Dear DIME/ITDG member,

Eurostat is preparing a proposal for the extension of the European Statistical Programme 2013-17 to 2018-20, as announced to the ESSC in  November 2014. The proposal will take into account the  ESS Vision 2020, possible evolution of user needs and resource constraints of statistical producers. Since it is an extension, it is proposed to only  update statistical outputs when necessary.

Please find enclosed the first proposal for draft changes to the "statistical outputs", you will find as comments in the document the main justification for these changes.  Please note that it is only section I ("statistical outputs") that is in scope  of this consultation (section II and its alignment to the ESS Vision 2020 was already discussed at the November 2014 ESSC).

We kindly request you to provide your comments on this proposal by Friday 7 August EOB (to allow it to be used in the finalisation of the proposal for the September  2015 ESSC).

If you suggest changes to the proposal, please indicate the reason, in particular, what precise impact it would have on your work and potentially on the burden on respondents.

The proposal to comment upon is:

which concerns changes to section I of:

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