2018 03 15 Frankfurt

Joint Eurostat – ECB

Meeting of the Seasonal Adjustment Expert Group

Thursday, 15 March 2018 (9:30-16:30)

Room C 2.06, Großmarkthalle, ECB Main Building

Sonnemannstraβe 20

60314 Frankfurt am Main

Agenda (draft)

1.  Adoption of the agenda

2.  JDemetra+: Further development and documentation

2.1   Adoption of JDemetra+ 2.2 (Eurostat)

2.2   Development: Progress and next steps (National Bank of Belgium and Deutsche Bundesbank, presentation)

2.3   Report by the Centre of Excellence and by the User Group (presentation)

2.4   Report on JDemetra+ documentation (NCB of Poland, presentation)

2.5   Support to users of former JDemetra+ versions (ECB)

2.6   Experinece with JD+ at Destatis

3.  Handbooks and guidelines

3.1   Handbook on Seasonal Adjustment (Eurostat)

3.2   ESS Guidelines on Temporal Disaggregation (Eurostat)

4.  Next steps

4.1   Date of the next meeting

5.  Any other business