2019-03-11 SACE Coordination Meeting #6


Seasonal Adjustment Expert Group and Seasonal Adjustment Center of Excellence

11 March 2019 (NBB, Belgium, Brussels)

Auditorium Complexe, Room B,
Rue Montagne aux Herbes Potagères, 61
(09:30 -17:00)


Chair: Martina Hahn (Eurostat), Dominique Ladiray (INSEE )

Secretariat:          Dominique Ladiray (INSEE )

(1)               09.30   Welcome address, Jean Palate (NBB); Adoption of the agenda Martina Hahn (Chair, Eurostat)

(2)               09.45   Report on the SACE activities, by Dominique Ladiray (INSEE )

(3)               10.15   Package R-JDemetra: release and documentation, by Alain Quartier-la-Tente (INSEE) and Anna Michalek (ECB).

10.45   Coffee break, 15 mins

(4)               11.00   Use of JDemetra+ in the Statistical Offices, National Banks and International Organizations; Brief reports from Eurostat, ECB, IMF, OECD, NSIs, NCBs

(5)               12.00   JDemetra+ 3.0: adoption as official software in the ESS; Open discussion

12.30  Lunch break, 90 mins

(6)               14.00   Plug-ins and other developments by Dominique Ladiray (INSEE )

(7)               15.00   JDemetra+: Version 2.2.2, next versions (2.2.x, 3.0) by Jean Palate (NBB), Christiane Hofer (BBK)

(8)               15.30  SA of series from rotating panel design surveys like LFS by  Jean Palate (NBB)  and Duncan Elliott (ONS)

16.00   Coffee break, 15 mins

(9)               16.15 User documentation for JDemetra+ (Wiki) by Sylwia Grudkowska (NBP)

(10)             16.45   To do list, next meeting, AOB, Conclusions by Jean Palate (NBB), Dominique Ladiray (INSEE )