2019-03-15 Brussels


Seasonal Adjustment User Group

15 March 2019 (NBB)

National Bank of Belgium
Auditorium Complexe, Room B
Rue Montagne aux Herbes Potagères, 61
(09:30 -17:00)



Chair:                              Andreas Dietrich (BBk)

Secretariat:                   Valèrie Mathey (INSEE)

(1)               09.30   Opening, welcome address, presentation and adoption of the agenda, adoption of the minutes
                                   by Jean Palate (NBB), Andreas Dietrich (BBk)

(2)               09.45   Follow-up of SACE activities, period September 2018 - March 2019 - Helpdesk, GitHub activity, Trainings
                                   and seminars
, by Dominique Ladiray (INSEE)

(3)               10.15   Developments: JD+ 2.2.2 and JD+ 3.0, by Jean Palate (NBB), Christiane Hofer (BBk)

11.00   Coffee break, 15 mins

(4)               11.15   Testing JD+ 3.0 using R and RJDemetra for JD+ 2.x, by Jean Palate (NBB), Alain Quartier la tente (INSEE)

12.15  Lunch break, 90 mins

(5)               13.45   Documentation for JDemetra+ in Wiki style (follow up on the hackathon), presentation of the results 
                                   and to-do, by Sylwia Grudkowska (NBP)

(6)               14.45   ESS guidelines on Temporal disaggregation and JDemetra+, by Duncan Elliott (ONS)

(7)               15.15   Evaluation of the SACE and the SAUG, achievements and to-do, by Andreas Dietrich (BBk)

(8)               15.45   Thinkathon: JD+ 3.0 and beyond, challenges for seasonal adjustment in practice and labour division in
                                   Europe, by Andreas Dietrich (BBk)

16.15   Coffee break, 15 mins

(9)             16.30   To do list, next meeting, AOB, by Andreas Dietrich (BBk)