WP7 Experimental statistics1

This page provides a clickable overview of experimental statistics combinining multiple big data sources. Experimental statistics are tentative and provisional because they do not yet comply with all usual methodological standards and because they often are restricted to one or a few Member States, making it impossible for the time being to compile results at EU level. Not all of them have been created in the context of these workpackages and some are hosted elsewhere (e.g., on the websites of national statistical institutes).

Experimental statistics based on other types of big data can be viewed here.

IMPORTANT: please note that these results should NOT be considered official statistics, but merely showcase examples of statistical outputs based on big data sources.

During WP7 activities we decided to produce the following indicators for experimental statistics:

  • (1) Life satisfaction of social media users based on Twitter by countries

Countries involved: PL, PT, UK

Classification used: 1.happy, 2.neutral, 3.calm, 4.upset, 5.depressed and 6.discouraged: according to EU-SILC classification

  • (2) Tourism accommodation establishments by cities

Countries involved: PL

Classification used: price category, type of the property, facilities, city, country.