Design of Data Collection Part 2: Contact Strategies (Theme)


This module deals with setting up a contact strategy to reach respondents. It deals with several subthemes; the first part deals with choosing a contact strategy regarding when to send material to the respondents and what material to send, strategies for reminders, using penalties and fines et cetera. The second sub-part deals with finding the right respondent at an enterprise. These first two parts cover the whole of the sample, while following sub-parts deal with specific treatment of subpopulations. The third sub-part covers whether or not to treat new enterprises in any specific way, and the fourth sub-part covers specific treatment of large enterprises. Since giving feedback to respondents is a way of encouraging participation, a specific sub-part is devoted to that area. And finally, the last sub-part deals with making changes to the design during the data collection based on the outcomes so far, i.e., responsive design. Together with the previous module (“Data Collection – Design of Data Collection Part 1: Choosing the Appropriate Data Collection Method”), the module gives an overview of the decisions to make before starting the actual collection process.


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