[no-lexicon]This leaflet provides you condensed information on the ESS.VIP project "The European System of interoperable Business Registers (ESBRs)".[/no-lexicon]


General objectives of the ESSnet ESBRs:

ESBRs is a ESS Vision Infrastructure Business Project (ESS.VIP.BUS.ESBRs) aiming at building a mutually beneficial European system of interoperable statistical business registers, which shall be a reliable and efficient backbone for the production of high quality business statistics in Europe.


The ESBRs project has the following goals:

  1. Strengthen and rationalise national SBRs
    1. Integration into an interoperable system
    2. Serving national and EU statistical production
  2. Efficiency and quality gains for the whole system
    1. Improve the EuroGroups Register (heart of the system)
    2. Improved quality of information on multinationals
    3. NSIs on-line access, facilitating interaction with EGR
    4. Dedicated interfaces for FATS and FDI statisticians
    5. Integration of profiling information into the EGR
  3. Share statistical services
    1. NSI access shared services for register management
    2. Services certified by Eurostat against ESS standards

In order to achieve these objectives and goals, the ESSnet ESBRs shall target:

  1. A business architecture for the ESBRs
  2. An interoperability framework for the ESBRs
  3. An overall process development and a common data quality program for the ESBRs
  4. The sharing of relevant statistical services in the ESBRs


These are the ESSnet ESBRs work packages:

  • Work package 1: Business architecture and coordination - Austria
  • Work package 2: Interoperability framework - Netherlands
  • Work package 3: Process development and data quality program - France


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