Flash News

2020-07-07         JDemetra+ version 2.2.3 has been released!

2020-03-26          The COVID-19 outbreak has a severe impact on  several economic activities. This does not only concern most EU countries but also the rest of the world and might lead to a major downturn in the economy. This note provides guidance on the seasonal adjustment policy to treat  COVID-19 crisis effect on data.

2019-09-02          Germany moved to JDemetra+ for the official seasonal adjustment of national accounts in the course of the benchmark revision 2019.


2019-03-08          JDemetra+ is now directly available in R. The RJDemetra package is available on CRAN and has also its own website: https://jdemetra.github.io/rjdemetra/.

2019-03-01          8654 downloads for JDemetra+ 2.2.x!!!! 

2019-01-15         JDemetra+ version 2.2.2 has been released!   

2018-11-05         A very nice video from the NSI of Romania explaining seasonal adjustment with JDemetra+ available on  youtube

2018-10-16         A very nice video from the Irish CSO explaining Seasonal adjustment:


2018-09-26         6016 downloads for JDemetra+ 2.2 (releases 2.2.0 + 2.2.1)!!!!

2018-07-13         Just one year after its official release, JDemetra+ 2.2 (releases 2.2.0 + 2.2.1) has already been downloaded 5082 times!!!!

2018-06-14         From 2018, the National Statistical Institute of Spain uses JDemetra+ (version 2.2.0) for seasonal adjustment in short-term statistics related to the labour and business statistics domain.

2018-05-31         The Handbook on Seasonal Adjustment has just been published online on the EUROSTAT web page:


2018-05-30         Gradual changeover to JDemetra+ software for seasonal adjustment of the official statistics in Germany


2018-04-25         A very nice video from Statistics Canada explaining Seasonal adjustment in 2 mns!!     


2018-04-24         JDemetra+ version 2.2 (releases 2.2.0 + 2.2.1) reached a new milestone: 4001 downloads!!!

2018-04-16         JDemetra+ version 2.2.1 has been released!   


2018-03-08         A new milestone for JDemetra+ 2.2.0: 3154 downloads!

2018-02-01         A new version of the JDemetra+ User Guide (version 2.2) is now available from CROS portal. 


2018-01-11         The Hungarian Central Statistical Office (HCSO) will start using 2.2.0 version of JDemetra+ software for seasonal adjustment starting from the first publication of 2018 data.

2018-01-01         Happy New Year!!! Six months after its official release on July 15th, 2017, JDemetra+ version 2.2.0 has already reached 2185 downloads.