SDMX Converter 'flavours'

The SDMX Converter is a Java application that is able to convert from, to and between SDMX formats. The tool can also be used verify that the structure of the data file matches the structure prescribed bya Data Structure Definition (DSD) by ensuring that codes and concepts provided are correct.

The SDMX converter is available in different “flavours”. Each flavour provides the same basic functionalities, but has different characteristics that make it more suitable for different use cases. The small table below may help you decide what the best “flavour” is for you:

Converter “Flavour”

Is a Eurostat - hosted instance available

Requirements for local installation

Manual or Automatic conversion



Can be installed on a Desktop PC





Requires an application server


Web Service


Requires an application server



The 4th flavour present in the package (the Converter API library), is meant for developers who may want to integrate some of the Converter’s library in their developments. As it is not really meant for end users, it has not been included in the table above.

If you are exploring the functionalities of the Converter or are using it for testing purposes, we recommend using the SDMX Converter Web App available online that you can use without the need for any installation. It is freely available and can be used by anyone with an EU Login account with 2-Factor Authentication enabled.

For use in production, we would recommend installing locally one of the automation-friendly alternatives (Web Service – which requires an application server – or Command Line Interface – which can be installed on a PC).