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Statistics Hubs from new data sources have been conceived in order to deal with new data sources and new types of data and use them to produce high quality statistics. Each hub focuses on a specific group of data sources with similar characteristics and incubating similar types of data. The concept follows the principles of Trusted Smart Statistics, on multi-source input and multi-purpose output: the output of each hub can serve multiple statistical domains and each statistical domain can be served by several hubs.

The Web Intelligence Hub (WIH) is the pillar of Trusted Smart Statistics that provides the fundamental building blocks for harvesting information from the Web to produce statistics. The ambition of the WIH is to become a high quality source of web data, methodologies and algorithms ready to be used to produce European and national official statistics. The WIH's capabilities are gradually built, based on the development of the building blocks required for the collection and processing of data for specific use cases.

The components of the WIH

Use cases - core of the WIH

The WIH is composed of a community of experts, common methodologies to apply to web data and components implementing those methodologies, which are hosted in a platform where they run as services.

The WIH is operationalised through use cases. They consist of particular Web data sources, workflows of services provided by the Web Intelligence Platform, the resulting micro-data and statistical outputs in one particular domain.

The statistical outputs drive the use cases.

Established use cases

Under development use cases

  • Multinational Enterprises (MNE) 
  • Drones


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