Written consultation on ESDEN and SERV of ITDG/DIME before VIG

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Dear DIME/ITDG colleagues,
Please find below for your comments the draft documents on the ESS VIP project ESDEN and SERV which I intend to present at the next VIG meeting on the 26 October 2017.

The main aim of the papers is to report to the VIG on projects phase 2 results, present the objectives and action plan for the third and last phase of the projects and focus on deliverables deployment actions.

The papers reflect the results of discussions on earlier versions of the papers during the last meetings of the plenary DIME/ITDG in February 2017 and the Steering Group DIME/ITDG in June 2017. The actions have also been discussed in several occasions by the different project governance groups. After the VIG review the papers will be presented to the ESSC meeting on November 2017

We look forward to your inputs to finalize the papers for the VIG meeting.

Please send your comments by the 13 of October  ----- This consultation is closed.


Draft documents on the ESS VIP project ESDEN and SERV (pdf files):

  1. ESDEN project status-VIG-1.00
  2. SERV project status-VIG-1.0



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